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  1. Sign Up Bonuses: Your purchase includes done for you bonuses that you can deliver to your sign ups after they become Digital Wealth Pro Members. Click Here To Access These Bonuses & Delivery Page
  2. Payment Buttons: By default all buttons send visitors to contact the Call Center to sign up. If you would like to take payments directly from the website you can provide one payment URL for each price point that you are currently enrolled in ($200, $400 and $800) Example: if you are only enrolled in the $400 price point you can only provide payment links for the $200 and $400 levels.
  3. Website Information: Please copy the email template below with your answers provided to so we can create your customized website.
  4. Profile picture: Please also provide an image you would like us to use on your custom website.
  5. Additional Information: From time to time we may update the website with elements that are helping sales conversions. So we are asking for additional information that we may use in future revisions. This is not required but may be helpful if you want to use future variations of the website.
  6. Missing Information: If any of this information is missing when you send your email, we will create your website with the incomplete information provided.
  7. Website Changes: There is a flat fee of $50 for any website updates to be made after you initial website is created. This includes a change in name, payment link, website, or other page element.

Please copy and paste the email template below and send the completed email to

Copy & Paste The Email Below With Answers Provided

Subject: Custom Website Order - [Your Name]

Custom Website Information Below:

1. Full Name (as you want it displayed on the website):
2. What is your DWP member ID#:
3. Please attach an image you would like us to use for your website.
4. (Optional) Please provide a payment link for each level you are part of, if you would like to collect direct payments instead of having the prospect contact the call center to pay for the membership. 
$200 Payment link: 
$400 Payment link: 
$800 Payment link:
$1,500 Payment link:

Important note: members will still need to contact the call center to pay the admin fee. 

Additional Information to be used for future custom websites (N/A if you do not want us to use the info below on future website we create for you).

Primary email address:
Your Phone number:
Social Media Profile URL:

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